How to Setup PPTP in Ubuntu

After so many years, Linux has become an active platform now. The number of people who are using Linux as their primary OS is increasing. The primary reason is of course its cost and lightness. It is exceptionally popular among the programmers and scientific community. Among the Linux distributions, Ubuntu is probably the most user friendly. It has a cleaner interface, easier installation and an easy way to install software. So, if you are a frequent Ubuntu user, what should you be doing to keep your INTERNET browsing safe? Use a VPN, right? In this tutorial we will discuss how you can establish PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol) VPN in Ubuntu.

Step 1: Find the VPN connection setting in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has the connection settings right at the top corner. All you have to do, is click the connection button, and choose ‘VPN Connection’ followed by ‘Configure VPN’.

Step 2: Click Add VPN

If you have never setup a VPN, then it would show just ‘Add’ option in the VPN configuration window. In the box that comes after this, will basically give the information about what you have to do. All you gotta do is click ‘continue’.

Step 3: Choose the protocol

Choose the protocol to be PPTP from the drop down menu. After this, you are left with only two more steps.

Step 4: Fill in the details

After you have chosen the protocol you would be taken to a window in which you would have to fill in the details which were given to you by your service provider. These details are the ‘server name’, ‘server address’ etc.

Once you are done with the Connection tab, click the Authentication tab. Here you would have to enter the username and password. Check the ‘save password in keyring’ to ensure that you don’t have to enter the details again. And, you are done!

To connect to the VPN, all you have to do is to select the VPN and click connect. Use VPN as much as you can, because the INTERNET is filled with places you don’t want to go, and is listened to by people whom you don’t want to be listened by. Hence, be careful and use VPN.

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