What are Different Types of VPN for Small Business

Every small business needs to be well aware of different online tools and applications in order to make online transactions and activity more secure and safe for both customers and employees along with its owners as well. There are plenty of reasons to use a good VPN service to cater the needs of a small business that is run by a home office or a small business having employees working from home from their computer/laptops.

Reasons to Use a VPN Service for Small Business:

The reason of using a good VPN may vary from business to business and person to person like some of the small businesses tend to use a VPN service when they are away from their workstation and want to connect from a vacation spot to their office computer to access all the important documents. On the other hand, some small businesses tend to use a VPN service to let the employees connect with them from their home office to access all the databases of business for certain things.

Whatever the reason of using a good VPN service for a small business is, but the tough work starts when small businesses have to choose among various kinds of VPN services that better suites their business needs and cater them well.


An IPSec, that stands for Internet Protocol Security, secures the data transmission between main computer of your business and the client that is installed on the Smartphone, Laptop of employee or owner that are away from the main office desk and wants full access to all the parts of databases of that particular small business.

An IPSec works like the user is sitting in the main office and utilizing all the resources as he/she used to right from the office desk. It allows access to almost complete database of the business’s main computer.


PPTP stands for Point-to-Point tunneling protocol and this kind of VPN service is working since the Microsoft had initiated it since with the release of Windows 95 but it couldn’t do well in the market because of many loopholes in it. However, this type of VPN has not been vanished completely from the online devices of millions. Many Smartphone and laptop users with Windows and Mac OS X users can avail this type of service till now even though this type is not as effective as the other two kinds of VPN services are.


An SSL VPN, which stands for Secure Socket Layer, let the user to access specific places of the database of a particular business through a regular browser. This type of VPN is best for all those businesses that want to give access of their database to their partners, customers and many other important bodies that are related to that business but only to a specific range.

Types of VPN Protocols

This was just an overview of different types of VPNs that a small business can use to secure the data transmission to let you know about the capabilities of each VPN type so that you can choose among the best VPN service that suites your business needs accurately.

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