ExpressVPN vs IPVanish

Virtual private network gives us the ability to connect to all our favorite websites from anywhere in the world with total security and anonymity. There are hundreds of VPN companies and it is very difficult to find the best one amongst them. Now let us compare and find out which service provider is the best amongst Express VPN and IPVanish. A range of factors have to be considered in detail in order to find out the best and most reliable VPN service provider of these two. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses but by the end you’d know which one is the right option of the two.

Pricing model

Pricing is one of the key success factors of a VPN and if the company sets the pricing right then they need not worry about attracting new subscribers. As far as the rate goes, Express VPN prices are higher when compared to IPVanish. Cheaper service provider is not always the best one. Both these companies do not offer free trial. Instead Express VPN offers 30 day money back guarantee whereas IPVanish offers 7 day money back guarantee. Anonymous payments such as Bitcoin, PayPal, etc. are accepted. IPVanish wins the fight with respect to pricing.

Privacy and anonymity

IPVanish and Express VPN service providers are operating in US which does create an impression that there is a clear lack of privacy and anonymity. No log policy mentioned by both these companies are not true certainly. Logging policies are more or less similar for both these service providers. In terms of privacy and anonymity, there is nothing much to choose between these two service providers.


Express VPN offers multiple protocol options such as L2TP, OpenVPN, IPSec, SSTP and PPTP whereas IPVanish does not offer SSTP. OpenVPN and SSTP are two of the strongest protocol options available online which gives ExpressVPN, an edge with respect to security. A strong security is always a must for internet users no matter where they are so in this feature, Express VPN wins it hands down.


User interface and feature specifications offered by a virtual private network is valuable for a subscriber. IPVanish simultaneous device connectivity can be setup within seconds which is one of its strong points. The number of simultaneous connections supported by IPVanish is also higher. ExpressVPN operates more servers across the world than IPVanish and this gives a wide access range for a subscriber. Features offered by both these companies are pretty good but since Express VPN provides the ability to connect to multiple countries, the winner is Express VPN.


In terms of speed and overall performance of the servers and all other features offered by the company, it is neck and neck. But in terms of customer support, user friendliness and usability, Express VPN is the better of the two.


As you could see, there is nothing much to choose between these two service providers overall. Both Express VPN and IPVanish have their own strengths and weaknesses but on the whole, we found Express VPN to be the better choice of them.

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