Tutorial to setup l2tp pptp server vpn on activator mac osx client

VPN Activator is a free application that serves as a GUI for VPN servers hidden in the Mac operating system and is meant for personal use only. This application is used for the configuration and start/stop of the PPTP & L2TP VPN servers that are hidden in the Mac. Since, all the essential files are already a part of the operating system, so there isn’t any need for the download of any separate file.

Using this, you can create only one combination of your login credentials. After a proper configuration of your router for compatibility with PPTP and L2TP protocols, you have the ability to use your home internet connection on your Mac device having VPN Activator running on it. However, to access this service, you need to configure the VPN activator manually to access the VPN network without any trouble. The steps for manual configuration of the connection are as given below. These steps assist you in making the application work for you if you have the Snow Leopard version of the Mac OS and the Airport Extreme as your internet access gateway.

  • To begin with the process, you need to download the software installer package from the web and then run the setup to install the software.
  • After installation, run the installed software and provide a range of IP addresses that you wish to be chosen from by your clients.
  • Configure and enter the desired DNS server address in the fields, as required.
  • The next fields need you to fill in the user settings, where you need to type in the username & password according to your convenience.
  • The last column in this form is the L2TP configuration column. You need to enter a security key, which must be difficult to be guessed by others and easy to be remembered by you.
  • After entering all these details, click on the ON button for saving the VPN configuration and begin with the service. When, the device is connected to the VPN server, settings for the server connection cannot be changed, while they can be changed after the device is disconnected from the server connection.
  • Configure the Airport Extreme tools available for forwarding ports to the Mac operating system. Open the Airport utility, click on the Advanced icon and then click on the Port Mapping option. Here, click on the plus icon and fill in the desired details and then click on continue to get to the next screen and fill it accordingly and then click on OK.
  • Now, follow the configuration steps on an iPhone or iPad for using your Mac as VPN.
  •  Configure the Virtual Private Network according to the steps and then activates the connection. This enables you to connect to the home network that you created.

Thus, by following these steps, you can configure a home network on your Mac device using the VPN activator and then use it to connect your iPhone or iPad.


System requirements: This software requires the Mac operating system version of Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or higher for a better output.

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