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Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer

We here like our customers to keep up with the latest developments, and so does the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission.  They have requested for us to show the relevant and most recent information also.

All information which is contained on our site must be relevant, truthful and constantly updated.  These rules are of the FTC and we take these rules very carefully and seriously also.  any of the information contained to be on the website is thought and presented to be strictly as information; and as such should be used as informational options also.

No information contained within the site should be thought as or regarded as legal advice.  This is in no way legal advice and no one on this site is offering any legal advice whatsoever.  No member of staff or its owner is offering legal advice.

Here, we offer independent reviews.  These are consumer reviews which are unbiased and of a personal opinion also.  This is not a VPN company, we are not a Service Provider and we are not a VPN Company also.  This is a website which is in fact, an unbiased and personal review.  However, the website does receive compensation from various companies which are reviewed on the website.

When anyone uses our website, they should know how the data they bring to the site is used and how the actual website runs also.  All information is updated regularly and as accurate as possible.  However, all information on this website should not be considered as the only resource or source of information.

Here, we are going to have various advertisements and also advertisers which place ads throughout the website.  We do have compensation via these ads also.

For any score, rankings or reviews on this site, our webmaster has the sole discretion.

For any reviews that may be on our website, please note that a third party writer may write the content.  As a result, these rewrites may contain both false and true information within them.  However, we really do try to ensure that any and all of the information which is displayed on our site is absolutely correct and above board.  If we don’t think something looks right, we will remove it.

However, sometimes, information can look legitimate when it is in fact wrong.  As a result of this human error, we are not going to be able to offer a warranty.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have a question.  Please contact us;

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