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Privacy, it has been and always will be our number one priority.

Privacy is going to be an issue which is very sensitive but we know that and we understand that this is going to be important for all.  Your privacy is important to us no matter what and this is an issue that is taken very seriously with us.

We do like to try to have all visitors who come to our website and interact with the site will get complete and utter privacy.  We will try our very best to ensure you do get to protect your privacy and your private information when you use our website and services.

In this document, we will tell you what kind of information we will gather from you and what will happen to that information also.  We want and need you to feel comfortable and satisfied while using our website.

You need to protect yourself in every possible way when you are using our website and to ensure you know everything, this document will be available to all who wish to view it.  This is available for all visitors and users.

Please take a moment or two to read this document and if you are worried about something, please let us know.  We will try to help to assure you and answer your concerns accordingly.

Information Concerning Cookies and Ads

Throughout our website we do have Cookies and Ads and we also have affiliate links.  Since we have affiliate links, it will mean that we do use cookies – in fact, cookies are a must when we are using affiliate links.  Sorry about this but there is nothing to be concerned with.

However, we would like you to note that affiliates are technically third party websites.  What this means is that we are unable to control what ads and more importantly, what cookies and cookie settings they will use on their website.

By clicking on an ad or a link which is on our website, the settings for the cookies could possibly change.  This will be very important to remember when you are clicking on an ad or link.  Please be careful and alert when clicking on an ad.

Also, third party ads do run throughout our website also.  This means that these ads will use cookie tracking functions; and these functions are simple as they help the website to learn how the visitors and users are interacting with the site.  This stream of information allows us to have relevant ads placed onto the website which are good for the users visiting.

Please note that all third party ads and advertisers are going to have their very own privacy policy.  These policies are going to be different from what ours may be so it is important to remember this before clicking through to third party advertisers.  We cannot be held responsible for the cookie settings used by the advertisers.

Google Ad Word Tracking technology is also used on our website.  This does mean that you are being tracked.  Please don’t worry but if you are unsure, please click here to find more details about what this means.

Your Personal Information

As you may know, our website’s server will recognize your IP address.  We do actually collect this IP address – in fact, all IP addresses which come to our site is collected.  The IP addresses will be collected in a general lop which helps us to collect the dates and times in which a visitor visited the site.

This information will allow us to learn about the various trends for visitors coming to the website.  This is also going to allow us to learn about the interactions and the movements within our site by the visitors.  If there are problems or concerns, we can find them also.  Demographics are stored also within our site to learn where are visitors are coming from.  This is only for internal purposes.

Our Visitors Log

  1. The incoming IP Address of the visitor or visitors.
  2. The date when the visitor comes to the site and the time is noted also.
  3. The ISP or the Internet Service Provider information is kept and noted down.
  4. The internet browser application is stored.
  5. Activity of each page visited is stored.

Linking To a Third Party Website

Throughout our website, we do have links.  These links can lead to another website in which we don’t have any control over.  This means that we are not going to be able to control the content what is used on the website as well as have no control over whether the content is age appropriate or otherwise.

We of course don’t want to show any offensive content to our visitors but this could happen when a link leading out of the site is used.  Unfortunately, we are not able to control what third part websites are going to place on their site.  These sites are also going to have their own rules, regulations and privacy policies which may differ from ours.

Changes to Privacy

On some occasions, our privacy policy may change.  In the future there will be changes and updates but there is nothing to worry about.  Changing and updates is a common factor with us but we do want you to know that you are important to us and will take your needs into consideration.

We will update our information when necessary but we will let you know so that you keep up to date with the changes.  If you have seen any changes which you are concerned with, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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