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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provides many benefits for users but perhaps the most important ones are security and privacy as well as access to geo-locked contents worldwide.

Even though most VPNs provide amazing benefits with a little drawback in the form of slowing down connection speed just a little bit, they simply put are an indispensable tool in providing safe and secured internet browsing experience.

VPN users can simply download any of their favorite VPN apps on any device and enjoy it’s amazing benefits or they can just add the VPN browser extension if they are not too bothered about their privacy and security.

Despite the fact that VPN browser extensions do not offer the same level of protection as the VPN app themselves, they are considerably simpler, easier to use, lightweight and to some extent offers a secured/ encrypted connection by protecting browser traffic and so on.

In this article, we look at the best VPN browser extensions available for popular browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and a host of others.


Armed with over 2000 servers in 94 countries (148 locations, and 30,000 IP addresses) worldwide ExpressVPN is arguably one of the all-around best VPN service provider available today. In terms of speed, privacy, security and performance, ExpressVPN has proven to be very reliable over time.

ExpressVPN offers it users’ worldwide impressive apps, firm’s extensions that are available for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and other top browsers. In addition to being very easy to use, the extensions come with some amazing features like a potent Kill-Switch and a DNS leak protection.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN extensions are capable of concealing your exact location from websites that utilize the HTML5 geo-location. However, note that it is not possible to use the ExpressVPN browser extension on your PC without installing the desktop app.


  • Offers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions
  • Mask HTML5 geo-location


NordVPN is one of the largest VPN service providers in the world today. Based in Panama, NordVPN boast of having close to 5000 servers in more than 60 countries all over the world. In addition to offering users the highest levels of privacy,  security as well as performance in the VPN industry, NordVPN also provides quality apps to make the internet experience even better.

NordVPN offer apps for its Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows clients as well as browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome. NordVPN users have access to these extensions at no extra cost.


  • Has close to 5000 servers
  • Competent 24/7 customer support


TunnelBear is a Canada based VPN company with more than 1000 servers in over 20 countries worldwide. TunnelBear is one of the best VPN services available today in terms of speed of internet connection and performance.

TunnelBear has over the years built its reputation on providing security and privacy for users through its attractive, fun and easy to use the software.

TunnelBear VPN users can easily download and install the app on their Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices or simply get the Google Chrome and Opera extensions. After installing the extension all they need to do is register an email address, click and select any specific location (Out of 20 Countries) and browse anonymously and securely. Users can simply click a hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+U) to switch off or switch on the app.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent speeds


Windscribe VPN relies on its more than 500 servers in over 100 countries of the world to provide its users amazing VPN services. Read a review about windscribe at BestVPN24.com. This Romania based VPN service company though a bit smaller than the big players in the industry is quite popular among users especially in Europe due to its reliable and consistent services. Windscribe offers top-notch security and privacy services via its user-friendly apps available on all major operating systems like Linus, Windows, iOS, Mac and so on.

In addition to offering a free 10 GB monthly data plan, Windscribe also gives users access to browser extensions that have the same features and quality as the paid plans.

With Windscribe, users can easily bypass censorship while surfing the internet at incredible speeds as it helps them automatically pick the fastest available servers.

Windscribe also has features that assist in eliminating social media buttons, trackers, ads as well as rotate IP address so that users cannot be easily tracked. Ultimately, users can easily add their favorite websites on the Windscribe’s whitelist to restore normal services.


  • Free plan gives you 10GB of monthly data
  • Great additional features


ZenMate is also another popular VPN company based out in Germany. ZenMate has over 40 million users worldwide and has consistently provided one of the best VPN services over the years.

ZenMate VPN users can easily download its app on any of the popular platforms or just install its Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome browser extensions for free. To get started, users need to register their email address. The ZenMate extension is user-friendly and once registered, a particular location must be chosen in order to commence browsing.

Although ZenMate extensions offer users access to unlimited data, the downside is that it comes with ads and access to only four locations (Germany, Hong Kong Romania, US).


  • Unlimited data allowance with the free plan
  • Very user-friendly browser extensions

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular in the industry. In addition to offering its many users worldwide amazing VPN services via its easy to use apps, it provides access to Google Chrome and Firefox extensions which can also be downloaded for free.

Unlike other VPN extensions, Hotspot Shield does not require users to register their emails or give up any personal information before having access to its VPN services.

Using Hotspot Shield VPN is as easy as clicking a big button which connects you to the available servers from any location in the world. To disconnect, all you need to do is click the button again.

Hotspot shield users also have access to free daily 500MB data however the downside is the performance of the servers on the free plan is not very reliable and users do not have access to those in the UK and US.


  • Attractive and user-friendly interface
  • 500MB daily data allowance
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