How to Setup PPTP in iPad

iPad was built for a reason– you would have computing on the go. The modern trend is such that, there is no use of a computer without internet. iPad is smart only when all its apps are working and  all its apps work only when there is an active internet connection. This requirement of staying online always has its share of problem. You would have to be frequently online in places which you don’t trust. If you want to browse safely, it is advisable that you subscribe to a VPN service. If you are smart and already have a VPN subscription, this tutorial will tell you how to setup VPN connection in an iPad.

Most of the Virtual Private Network services use point to point tunneling protocol for their service. Hence, we shall discuss how to setup PPTP connection in your Apple iPad.

Step 1: Go to Network settings

Network settings is buried a little deep in iPad. First you have to go to Settings. Then choose General Settings, followed by Network Settings. This contains everything that’s required for networks.

Step 2: Choose VPN

From the network settings choose VPN. If you have never setup a VPN connection with your iPad, you would get the ‘Add VPN connection’ as your sole option. Once you select this, you would be taken to the page where you would have to enter the details of the VPN service

Step 3: Enter the details of the VPN service

Here you would have to enter the details of the VPN service. Before coming to this part, you would be asked whether you have select a PPTP type connection or the L2TP type connection. Choose PPTP. After this, you would be asked to enter the name of the VPN service, the server address and other details like username and password. These details can actually be found in the configuration mail which is usually sent after the registration of the VPN service. Also turn on ‘Send All traffic’. Before you save the connection, remember to turn the RSA off, as it might cause some problems with the connection.

And that’s it! Whenever you want to connect to the internet, just connect to the VPN and you have the extra layer of security. Using VPN for mobile devices like iPad is even more essential because frequently you are on networks which are not very well known.

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